Lafayette Companion


I am petite,  5’3”  120lbs, with delicate petite features.


I have long brown chestnut hair, and eyes like chocolate kisses, and creamy ivory skin.


I come from a long line of intelligent, witty, independent  and beautiful women, companions and comforters of men


I am 49 years old.  I have experienced much that the world has to offer, but there is still more… so much more…


I am your companion… all that is feminine - a beautiful contour, a sweet smile, a soft touch, an intoxicating scent, a taste of honey


I am your confidant… a non-judgmental, keeper of your secrets – a safe place to let go, explore and express yourself… just be


I am your splurge, your spa, your little bit of “me time” - Your best kept little secret


I am your positive energy... ready to recharge?